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External of the Year ThunderBay 4
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Empower creative production workflows with this super-fast, 4-Bay, RAID Thunderbolt 2 drive. 4.0TB - 24TB  from $694.99 Enclosure kit $427.99
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OWC's Compatibility Guide to OS X Yosemite Learn about hardware and software compatibility + Yosemite's new features!
Accessories for Apple iPad
NuGuard KX logo only $29.00 for iPad mini & iPad mini Retina only $37.99 for iPad Air
State-of-the-art X-Orbing gel technology for ultimate protection.
NuGuard KX iPad Air and mini
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OWC Repair Services for iPad 2

OWC's Pro Corner See what the pro's are saying about the OWC gear in their workflow!
The American West Rick Nielsen Intramural Fast and Furious
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OWC Energy Independence
January 2014
OWC's Austin Creative Headquarters now 'energized' with Solar Power >>

OWC Wind Turbine
In 2009, Other World Computing took the lead in alternative power use by private enterprise in Illinois when work began to switch to a clean power source that is limitless and plentiful – wind.

The Wind Turbine went online in October, 2009, and can provide up to more than double the current energy requirements of all OWC operations. The surplus power will be sold back to the power grid.

Read more about OWC's wind turbine >>

Learn about OWC's green headquarters >>

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