OWC Tips & Deals 02/24/2004

02/24 Intro

Greeting from your friends in Woodstock! The difference a week can make. Last time I was, well, complaining about the frigid air and glare off the snow - now it's warmer with gray skies and rain. And what snow is left is from piles made from plowing and even with a blue sky that dirty stuff won't be casting any glare. Spring definitely approaches, even if not quite in the air yet. A week makes a difference for some other stuff as well.

Higher speeds and lower prices is how I will highlight the OWC Mercury Extreme G4 line this week. The Mercury Extreme G4 offers the highest guaranteed upgrade speed of 1.5GHz and now for a lower cost of $529.99! The 1.467Ghz model has been reduced to $499.99, and our 1.33GHz to $409.99. Other prices were dropped as well, but I'll just point out that you've got some Extreme speed for an even more Extreme value now! Not only are they fully compatible with all versions of Apple OS X (and OS 9.2), dropping in a faster processor card also meets the qualification Apple and others set on some software in terms of the minimum processor speed needed... For example, certain Final Cut Pro features require a G4/500MHZ or faster, Garageband needs G4/600MHz for certain features, etc... An upgrade gets you going with today's software and going faster in general with everything. Want to see upgrades compared? Check out our extensive comparison of just about every G4 upgrade + many stock G4 and G5 systems. Spend a little on an upgrade today, save a lot on a new system down the road. :)

And we've got great high-speed dial up to with our FasterMac.NET TurboMac service kicking some butt. If you don't have broadband now, this gets your web browsing going up to 6.5 times faster than standard dial-up. Our service is also up to 30% faster than the accelerated dial-up offered by Netzero, AOL, and Earthlink.... then consider our rates as low as $10 a month ($8/month for our standard dial-up too..), FasterMac.Net saves you a lot of money too. Once you give it a shot, you'll be done with your other provider - it's really that much faster! And should you disagree, well - just cancel within 10 days, tell them you're a Tips n' Deals Reader, and we'll refund you 100% - no harm, no foul. Give it a shot, you'll not be disappointed.

Our Unreal Tournament 2004 demo link was on fire from the last newsletter. This is for the playable UT 2004 demo and if you liked Unreal 2003, you're going to be buying 2004 after playing the demo. Although it's rare that I do at all, Unreal and Warcraft are among the few games I play. Unreal is a great first player shoot-em up that has, well, rather 'real'istic graphics. It's all good fun and if you check out the demo, I'd bet you'll agree. The special reader exclusive high speed server is still online is still online just for you.

Not a whole lot else to speak of. Not quite sure how I had as much to say as it is. But following we do have a new Quick Tip, updated Reader Exclusive Specials and a new Music on the Mac article. So hope you enjoy and thanks for reading our OWC Tips n' Deals!

Some Quick Links
iPod 1G/2G iSkin $9.99 and $19.50 128MB Mac 5V EDO DIMM Deals Continue.

PowerLogix G4/800MHz AGP Upgrade Only $139.00 while supplies last!

Hit our site for the complete and most recent Reader Hot Deals.
OWC's hardware & software reviews, product testing, & more: Online Reviews Section.

'For Macs Only' Nationwide Internet Access from only $8.00/Month!

No OS Support from Apple? Get up to OS 9.2.x and OS X with Support from OWC!

I hate annoying telemarketer calls - the FTC's Do Not Call List stops 'em!
Quick Tip - From Claris E-Mailer to Apple OS X Mail

This may not be our normally 'quick tip'. But it hits on something many, many people ask about.. Claris E-Mailer is a classic, and a classic App that runs under OS 9 too. Such a sad day when Apple/Claris killed it and stopped doing updates 5 or 6 years ago... but that certainly didn't stop people from using it. Just that it gets harder and harder to continue using it with what you can get under OS X now today. Only problem is getting your stuff in E-Mailer to modern OS X Mail.

Our sincere thanks to Paul Cook who put together a great step by step tutorial you can view online. Been looking for that bridge, here's help to Escape from Claris E-Mailer!

Paul spent some real time on this and time well spent for anyone who finds escape with it. If you have a tip for us, we're always happy for the suggestions, ideas, etc.

See past Quick Tip topics online in the Quick Tip Archive
Great Buys and Featured Exlusive Specials for OWC E-Mail Subscribers:

Feature Deals listed below, visit the Reader's Specials Page for more reader deals!

More Storage that's Higher-Performance for Desktop/Tower Macs!
Hot Buy - 120GB Hitachi 7K250 2MB Buffer ATA/6 Hard Drive only $95!
Seagate Barracuda.7-Plus 200GB 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer now $159
FEATURE: Maxtor 60GB 7200RPM 2MB ATA/133- Special $57.00
All of the above drives will work in ANY PowerMac/iMac/eMac Model that has either built in IDE/ATA or an added in PCI ATA Hard Drive controller.

-Serial ATA and Parallel ATA Mac PCI 3.5" HD Controllers

Use any ATA/IDE Drive up to and beyond 500GBs with SIIG ATA/133 PCI $74
Like the G5, your Mac can use SATA/150 Drives with Firmtek FTST1S2 PCI $63.99

Need More Speed? Plug and Play with up to G4/1.5GHz!
PowerMac G4 AGP/Sawtooth, Gigabit Ethernet, Digital Audio, and Quicksilver:

FEATURE: PowerLogix G4/800MHz with 256K 2:1 L2 Cache, NO L3 Cache $139.00!
A very special purchase that will go VERY FAST. 1 Year OWC Warranty!

OWC Mercury Extreme - 2MB L3 Cache, 30 Day Trial, -MacWorld Recommended-
G4/800MHz $239.00 - G4/1.33GHz $399.00 - G4/1.4GHz $429.00 - G4/1.5GHz $519.00

Single/Dual G4 Upgrades up to 1.467GHz from Giga Designs, Sonnet, & PowerLogix too!

New ZIF = Warp Speed for PowerMac G3 Beige, G3 Blue & White, G4 'Yikes'
HIGH-Speed, LOW COST!: OWC G4/450-533MHZ ZIF w/1MB L2 Cache only $149.00!

Need Faster? Sonnet Encore ZIFs Available G4/700MHz and up to 1GHz from $297!

Sonnet Upgrades PowerMac 4400-9600s & Others up to G4/800MHZ from $179!

Upgraded machines can even Run OS X, and Run it WELL - using XpostFacto!

Why upgrade? Because it's more economical than buying new & since new machines keep getting cheaper and faster, well, if you get just six extra months out of your Mac by upgrading it - a new Mac six months from now will likely be available that is both faster and with a cost that has probably dropped more than what it had cost you to keep that existing Mac going. And even when you get a new Mac, no reason to cast your other Mac aside, right? And to make upgrading an even better deal, when you buy an upgrade from OWC, return your old processor and we even cut you a Trade-In Rebate Check!

Don't see your Mac listed or just not sure? The MyOWC Upgrade Selector will show the upgrades right for Your Mac Model!

Bigger, Quieter, FASTER Drives for PowerBooks/iBooks!
FEATURE DEAL! 30GB 5400RPM IBM/Hitachi 5K80 8MB Buffer Only $119.00!
FASTEST Notebook HD EVER: IBM/Hitachi 60GB 7200RPM 8MB 7K60 is now $250.00
New Toshiba MK4026GAX 40GB 5400RPM 16MB in stock, NOW $127.50
NoteBook Tip-Today's latest 4200RPM HDs are faster than a year ago's 5400RPM!
See our full line of Notebook Drives up to 80GB by clicking here.

Memory Specials & Price Trend Report:
02/24/2003 Memory 'Watch': We ran a killer special on DDR last week and they went fast. DDR is up, our prices aren't up that much yet.. but in general we see a continued rise on the entire memory market. New computers are selling well and that's sucking dry what's being produced keeping the pressure on. There ya have it.

OWC Memory Meet/Exceeds Apple Specs+Lifetime Advance Replacement Warranty

FEATURE DEAL! 128MB Mac 5V EDO 168 Pin DIMMs just $19.50!
While supplies last - a sweet deal for upgrading those Legacy 54/55/6360/64/65/73-9600 Legacy Mac Models. Read the description for system compatibilty.

512MB PC2700 DDR333 Only $77.50, PC3200 DDR400 $79.00
These are for PowerMac G4 'MDD' & FireWire800 867MHz-1.42GHz & G5s. Check more-info for compatibility and system requirements - don't forget G5s need pairs!

2GB PC2700 DDR333 Kit (1GB Module x 2) for PowerMac G5/1.6GHz ONLY $375

2GB PC3200 DDR400 Kit (1GB x 2) for ALL PowerMac G5 Models Now from $439

512MB DDR-SO PC2700 for PowerBook G4 AL 12"/15"/17"; iMac G4/1.0-1.25GHz $99.99

512MB PC100/133 SO-DIMM for all iBooks and PowerBook G4 Titanium 15" Models $119.00

256MB SDRam all PowerMac G3 Models and PowerMac G4 'Yikes PCI $53.50

512MB SDRam PowerMacs G4/350-1GHz; G4 Cube; iMac G3/350-700MHz $107.50

Not sure about the memory your Mac needs? With our Online Guide you can order with confidence! Getting the Right Memory for Your Mac is made easy with OWC!

Audio/Video Goodies:
Watch TV, A/V In, Record, Burn DVDs & More w/Miglia AlchemyTV DVR Only $120
For any PowerMac G4 AGP with a G4/400MHZ processor or faster, this is the ultimate PCI Card that lets you tune and watch Television, provides A/V In for inputting an external Video Source, Record Video, PlayBack, Even take the video and burn it to DVD or CD! This is your Personal Digital Video Recorder, TV Tuner, Video in PCI Solution that even comes with remote control. Fun, cool Mac product!

ADS Instant DVD USB Audio/Video Capture to Mac + DVD/CD Authoring System $179.99
For any Mac with a USB port, it just doesn't get much easier to bring video in to your Mac from Video Tape, Laser Disc, TV, Video Camera, DAT Video, Etc - and then you can edit and burn video to your own CDs and/or DVDs! Very cool product with its high quality hardware MPEGI/II encoder that saves you processing time too.

DVD-R/W and CD-R/RW:
While they last Pioneer 'SuperDrive' $129.99! Compatible with Apple iDVD, iTunes, Toast, Etc!

Read & Write CDs FAST with OWC Mercury FireWire+USB2 52x32x52 CDRW *$115.00*
Plug & Play - 100% compatible with Apple iTunes, Roxio Toast, Disc Burner, Etc. Includes Dantz Retrospect Express, DragonBurn, 25 Pieces 52X CD-R Media, All Cables & More.

Read & Write CDs & DVDs with OWC Mercury FireWire/USB DVD-&+R/RW,CDRW $219.00
Plug & Play - 100% compatible with Apple iTunes, DVD Studio Pro, Roxio Toast, Disc Burner, etc. - EXCEPT Apple iDVD which only works with internal DVD Burners like the Pioneer listed above. Includes Dantz Retrospect Express, DragonBurn, 5 Pieces DVD-R 4X Media, 25 Pieces 52X CD-R Media, All Cables & More.

Killer deals that keep bad power from killing your Mac!
SpikeMaster 8-Outlet Surge Protector w/RJ11 & $50K Repair/Replace - $19.99
Protect computer, accessories+Modem from Brown Outs, Power Spikes/Surges, etc.
Tripplite 525VA Backup UPS 6-Outlet solution + RJ11 Protection - $55.00
6-Outlet Surge/Spike protection AND keeps your Mac going when Power cuts out!

OWC Neptune FireWire Solutions are 'Value Done Right!
OWC Neptune 7200RPM 80GB FireWire $115
OWC Neptune 7200RPM 120GB FireWire $149.
OWC Neptune 7200RPM 200GB FireWire $235.
Cables, Dantz Retrospect, Intech HD Speedtools,1yr Warranty,& More included.

Special Readers Savings on Top Rated OWC Mercury Elite FireWire 800,400+USB2
OWC Mercury Elite FireWire 800+400+USB 200GB 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer $289.00
OWC Mercury Elite FireWire 400+USB 250GB 7200RPM w/8MB Buffer $295.00
All Cables, Dantz Retrospect, Intech Speedtools, 2yr Warranty and more incl.

Build your own 3.5" or 2.5" FireWire/USB Kits
OWC Mercury Elite 3.5" FireWire+USB2 Kit $75.00
2.5" Enclosure Kit USB 1.1/2.0 $15.99; Express 2.5" FireWire Kit $39.00

Add FireWire & USB ports to ANY Mac with a PCI Slot - Plug & Play!
Orangelink Plus 2-Port FireWire+2-Port USB PCI Card only $45
OWC 3-Port FireWire PCI $15

Browse our full line of FireWire 400/800/USB, hubs, cables, etc. Solutions by EzQuest, Lacie, SmartDisk, and others also in stock.

Great Deals for Apple OS X & OS 9
Apple OS 9.x Installation CD $39-------10.2.x 'Jaguar' Full Install Set $57.50

Have OS X 10.1.x? Get the Apple OS X 10.2.x 'Jaguar' Update Set for $39

Ready for 10.3 Panther? Apple OS 10.3.x 'Panther' Retail Box Version - $115.00

USB Feature Deals:
Memorex USB RF Wireless 5-button Optical Scrolling Mouse $25.00!

USB 4 Port Powered HUB, 2Btn USB ScrollMouse, 8-Button Game Pad **$19.00**
This also includes 2 USB Extension Cables. That + the USB Hub alone cost more than $19 separately and then you get a USB ScrollMouse & GamePad too! $50 Value for $19.

-Find more hot buys and exclusives on the Tips 'n Deals exclusive Deals page

Music on the Mac 02/24/2004 - Goodies for Garageband

Greetings from www.macsales.com/music

This week we are going to touch on several topic areas including GarageBand accessories and the complimentary audio software that comes bundled with Pro Tools and also M-Audio audio interfaces.

As you may know, Apple recently introduced GarageBand, a virtual recording environment for your Mac. This application has already become popular with amateurs and professionals. It has also raised a lot of questions and issues regarding how to get audio and midi into the program. In addition, it is becoming obvious that this application really needs both processor power and extra RAM to work well. The Apple GarageBand "discussions page" is a good place to start in becoming aware of some of these issues, as is our own Mac Music Forum at macsales.com/music. It would be safe to say that you might want to consider a processor upgrade to at least a G4/800 MHz and at least 512MB of RAM if you plan on playing with GarageBand, as it needs all of that speed and RAM to play back multiple streams of audio and midi including virtual instruments. If you want to gauge how your current configuration is working, there is a triangular shaped "play head" that scrolls along when a GarageBand track is playing. It starts out white and becomes orange and then red as your processor becomes busy and eventually the track will stop playing if the CPU drain is too much. Based on the discussions out there, this seems to happen easily. My own experience is that GarageBand works significantly better with at least a G4 800 and 1 gig of RAM. I did work with it on a TiBook 550 running four tracks and it was fine. If you start adding more tracks though it stressed the processor too much. The good news is though that GarageBand is a great piece of software and prices on upgrading your processor and RAM have never been better.

To use GarageBand you will need a midi input and a keyboard controller. I highly recommend the M-Audio Oxygen 8 because of its portability and features. It is a bit more than the model currently being pushed, but the portability really makes it attractive as you can just throw it into a backpack and go. The Oxygen 8 also gives you an array of programmable knobs and sliders that control the parameters of software instruments.

Both Digidesign Pro Tools systems and M-Audio audio interfaces such as the FireWire 410 and FireWire Audiophile now include some great software at no additional charge. For Pro Tools, this includes "lite" versions of Reason, Ableton Live and Amplitube LE. These applications are powerful and very popular ways to create music these days! Both Reason (a virtual rack of synths and FX) and Ableton Live (a sequencer popular with Remixers and DJs) feature Rewire capability. That means that any tracks you create in these programs show up as audio tracks in your Pro Tools application in real time. M-Audio Maximum Audio Tools is a free value added package, which includes a lite version of their fantastic SamplTank 2 sample player and a virtual synth called FreeAlpha. It also includes a lite version of ArKaos VJ, software that enables you to create compelling video to go along with your music tracks!

Regardless of whether you are getting audio to GarageBand with a Griffin iMic or an M-Audio or Pro Tools interface, make sure you go to your Audio/Midi setup page and select the proper device as default audio input and output. You must also then go to Preferences in GarageBand and choose the appropriate device for input and output. This step may seem obvious to some, but many people have been confused about this. The point is that you need GarageBand to see the audio and midi coming in via USB or it wonÕt make a sound! Another option for audio input is to purchase a small mixer (under $100) and coupled with an iMic, you have a flexible way to get instrument, microphone and line level signals into GarageBand. With so many possible ways to go it can be daunting to know where to begin, but we are here to help figure it out so you can start having fun making music with your Mac!

As always, we encourage you to visit our Mac Audio/Music forum to share your questions and comments in our forum.

About our Music Guru:
Roger Adler is a 4 time EMMY nominated composer/producer/performer. You may have heard his music in his role as Music Director for the A&E TV Series "The BEST of COMIC RELIEF" starring Robin Williams, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg. He also appeared in and played on the soundtrack for the hit movie "GROUNDHOG DAY" starring Bill Murray and Andi MacDowell. He is the Music Director for the popular TV Series "WILD CHICAGO" now in it' s 15th season on WTTW in Chicago. In 2001, he travelled to Antwerp, Belgium to produce and perform in the annual meeting for Philips Electronics. He recently composed and performed two TV commercials for WRANGLER JEANS, currently airing on ESPN.
That'll be it for this week. Some nice deals, a useful tip for those on e-mailer, and some great Garageband info. Not so much just filler after all. Gotta work on turning some rocks for some more new info, but really wanted to get you this newsletter for that PowerLogix deal. It's a limited supply and they will go fast, but knowing I got you the first word on it - all good. We're about to start or ZIF upgrades shootout, so that will be some news, how does a Blue & White G3 (or Beige) running 1GHz compare to a PowerMac G4 AGP 1GHz or to another PowerMac G3 with our G4/533MHz upgrade installed. Gonna get some answers for ya. :)

Have a great weekend and beyond, and be writing ya again come next month which it happens is already next week. Thanks for reading and thanks for being an OWC Tips n' Deals Subscriber! ay, Happy Monday, and have a great week. Thanks for being an OWC Tips n' Deals Subscriber! :)

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